West Webster firefighters and their families thank the community

Posted at: 01/15/2013 10:28 PM
Updated at: 01/15/2013 11:22 PM
By: Don Hudson

The West Webster Volunteer Firefighters and their families gathered to say thank you to everyone who supported them after the fatal Christmas Eve shooting.

Danielle Boehm, Lt. Michael Chiapperini's niece, said, “I can't say thank you as many times as I want. It's just overwhelming.
But Danielle and dozens of others are trying to say thank you to everyone who was there for them in the time of need.

Ken Smith, West Webster Fire Association President, said, "The letters basically say thank you from the West Webster Fire Association. Everybody is going to sign a few letters. We want it to be personal and thank people for what they did for us."

And there are a lot of letters that need to be written and signed. The goal Tuesday night was around 2,000.

Corrine said, “The fire department had a lot of support from the community and the world and its important that we thank everybody who supported us."

And as they said thank you, they needed to add a few more names to the list, including the Distillery restaurants because they donated $10,000 to the West Webster Volunteer Fire Association.
Peter Psyllos, Distillery restaurant CEO, said, "We hope that the money that we raised helps the families who lost their loved ones or those who were wounded anyway it can.”

And after that, a special presentation from elementary school students in Spencerport. They brought 300 cards from students there.

Alyssa Ardillo, Canal View Elementary 4th grader, said, "We felt bad for the loss of people, so we wanted to make them fell better."