Gun owners rally in state capital

Posted at: 01/19/2013 12:23 PM
Updated at: 01/20/2013 10:02 AM
By: Joangel Concepcion

Thousands came together on Saturday for the "Guns Across America" rally in Albany.

They and other gun rights advocates are protesting the new laws and proposals made because of recent gun violence in our country.

Just this week New York passed the toughest assault weapon and magazine restrictions in the nation.

The publisher of Rochester Woman Magazine, Barb McSpadden, went to Albany Saturday morning along with about 15 others. They joined thousands of people from all over the state in protest to the new gun law.

Demonstrators united at the state capital taking part in a nationwide push to support gun ownership. On Saturday thousands of people who are against the new gun law protested not just in New York state, but at many different state capitals throughout the nation.

Many people say they are outraged with the new gun restrictions and that the new law in New York violates their Second Amendment rights.

The rally had several speakers, and many in attendance said they felt the American spirit.

News10NBC spoke to McSpadden as she was driving back from Albany. She says the rally was motivating.

“There were American flags everywhere, signs everywhere. Everyone was very well behaved. Several assembly men and congressmen spoke to the crowd. There was a lot of chants of 'USA' and 'freedom.' It was just very, very, it just made me proud to be an American. I just felt it was a pretty important issue, the whole gun control issue and the way the whole law was passed. I thought it was important not only for gun owners, but for everybody,” said McSpadden.

The state has launched a website designed to answer any questions about the New York SAFE Act. The website, nysafeact.com, was created to a help people understand the new requirements of gun ownership in the state. Officials say the website will be an effective tool to educate the public.

“With this new law, as with any piece of legislation, there are a lot of questions. A lot come from gun owners who are wondering if their firearm is an assault weapon and whether they need to register.  They come from individual dealers and sellers wondering where the individual provisions will take effect.  Our goal, in addition to making New Yorkers safer, is to make this as easy as possible to understand,” said Joseph D'Amico, State Police Superintendent.

State Police have also set up a hotline, 855-LAW-GUNS, which will also help if you have any questions. The hotline is active Monday through Friday, during normal operating hours.