Strong winds cause damage throughout area

Posted at: 01/20/2013 6:45 PM
By: Joangel Concepcion

Did you hear those winds whipping Saturday night?

Some places saw gusts close to 60 miles per hour. Those winds knocked down trees and took out power lines.

A little more than 200 people in Monroe County and Wayne County are still without power Sunday night.

The wind has died down now but the damage can still be seen.

News10NBC spoke to a local company that's been working around the clock cleaning up the mess.

Tony's Tree & Landscaping has received hundreds of calls since Friday night. They tell News10NBC they have not stopped working since the winds started kicking up and the job is far from over.

A tree in Fairport on Sunday was completely uprooted, one of many that came crashing down on Sunday. This particular tree fell right on top of a car. Luckily no one inside at the time.

Fallen trees have caused a lot of headaches for local residents.

Tony's Tree and Landscaping responded to hundreds of emergency calls all over Monroe county within the last few days. For trees on houses, garages, pools, decks and cars heavy winds are to blame,  but the company says many trees that fell were also ready to come down.

Many old trees that were rotting inside did not stand a chance with these winds.

Anthony Bartucca from Tony's Tree and Landscaping says it's important to know about the trees growing in your backyard. He says his team was overwhelmed this weekend.
“We've actually had crews here all weekend to clean up Mother Nature's blast. I tell you through all the years we've been doing this, three generations, we've never seen the winds so strong for so long. Usually Mother Nature will give us a blast of heavy winds. It will go through the area and then it allows us to go in and clean up the storm damage,” said Bartucca.
Tony's Tree & Landscaping plans to continue to work throughout Sunday night and into Monday. Cleaning up these trees takes a lot of tim