Rochester mother sentenced for manslaughter in deaths of her four children

Posted at: 01/22/2013 4:53 AM
Updated at: 01/22/2013 7:43 PM
By: Amanda Ciavarri

nullA Rochester mom will spend 7 to 15 years behind bars for the deaths of her four children in a fire last February.

31-year-old Bobbie Kugler admitted she set a photo of her ex-boyfriend on fire and threw it on a dresser filled with combustible materials. She also admitted she was drunk and high at the time.  

Seven children were inside her home when the fire started, three survived the fire. But four children, all Kugler's own children, Gage Reavey, Greg, Kandee and Kaiden Kugler were all killed.

The two boys that survived the fire had to jump from a window on the second floor to escape the fire. They showed the judge their physical scars. Judge Randall, as he spoke to Kugler, made mention that we will never be able to see the emotional scars.

News10NBC spoke to Kugler's mother outside of court and she said she doesn't think her daughter did anything seriously wrong.

Candy Reavey, Kugler's mother, said, “She will pay till the day she drops dead. Her kids are gone. What more can you take from here.”

Bobbie Kugler's mother got emotional after her daughter's sentencing Tuesday. Kugler told the court she was truly sorry for what happened last February. She admitted to being drunk and high when she lit pictures of her ex-boyfriend on fire throwing them onto a dresser filled with combustible materials. She said she never meant to start the fire that killed her four children.

On Tuesday, Judge Randall said this was a tragedy, but no accident. The sentence was part of a plea deal. News10NBC asked the assistant district attorney if justice was served.

Kyle Steinebach, Assistant District Attorney, said, “Satisfied. I don't think I can ever be satisfied when we are talking about the deaths of four children, so I can't say I'm satisfied. I don't believe this court, or anyone, can do as much to her as she has done to herself by killing those kids. She admitted at sentencing that she consumed at least 5 forties of malt liquor. I can also tell you she also admitted she had consumed cocaine. She had 7 people in her house, 6 of which were under the age of 15 and she's drunk and high in the basement starting fires?”

News10NBC asked Kugler's mother about what responsibility she felt her daughter has.

Reavey said, “I think she has a responsibility for those kids who got hurt I do, and I feel those parents of those kids who got  hurt have an equal responsibility too cause if you know someone is drinking why would you send your kids there?”

News10NBC's Amanda Ciavarri said, “So are you saying, it's okay for your daughter to have been drinking around your grandkids?”

Reavey said, “No, the two babies were at my house. The older kids were there.”

Ciavarri said, “So it was okay for her to be drinking around 6 to 14 year old kids?”

Reavey said, “Yea, she's over 30 years old, her kids were sleeping.”

Ciavarri said, “That's a responsible mother?”

The assistant district attorney says Kugler, if she behaves in jail, could be out on the low end of the sentence which is seven years.