News10NBC finds the answers to the common winter tales

Posted at: 01/22/2013 8:11 PM
Updated at: 01/22/2013 9:10 PM
By: Berkeley Brean

There are three common winter tales that News10NBC looked into Tuesday.

1. To protect your engine, you need to let your car warm up before you drive it. True or Myth.

According to Paul Marone at East Ave. Auto, you don't really need any warm up time in this kind of weather for newer cars. A minute or so in the driveway is fine. The more you warm up your car, the more heat you get out of it. A lot of people with the new hybrid cars find that they have to drive that car for a bit to get the heat out of it.

2. To protect yourself make sure you have at least half a tank of gas so your gas lines don't freeze. True or Myth.

According to Marone, freezing is not the question. Nowadays, Marone says we have the newer gasoline with ethanol in it and we're not seeing any frozen gas in that last couple of years with the cold temperatures. But Marone says it is a good idea to have gas in your tank in case it snows where you are and you're on the expressway and you wind up sitting in traffic for quite a while. That would be a good reason to have gas in your tank. E would not be for enough.

3. You have to wear a hat because most of your body heat escapes through your head. True or Myth.

Dr. Tom Campbell, Chair Dept. Of Family Medicine URMC, said, "Yes it is true that you need to wear a hat and you'll be much colder without a hat. However, it is not true that you have a disproportional amount of heat that escapes through your head. But if you think about it it would be like -- do you go around in shorts in the winter? If we walked around in shorts in the winter we'd say you got to wear long pants because you are getting very cold with the exposed skin you have on your head."