Irondequoit Town Board delays vote on I-Square PILOT

Posted at: 01/23/2013 6:43 AM
Updated at: 01/23/2013 11:05 PM

The Irondequoit Town Board once again tabled a vote that could have given approval to the I-Square Project.

Board approval would have given developer Mike Nolan the green light to apply for a PILOT agreement with the County of Monroe Industrial Development Agency.

The PILOT agreement would lower the taxes for the proposed town square development.

The town wants to be in on the negotiations with COMIDA or get something in writing from Nolan that outlines the projects benchmarks.

Nolan believes he's already given the town everything it needs and has asked for.

“The town keeps saying yeah we'll support the application, but we still want to be involved in it further and we want to see the final, the agreement is between us and COMIDA. All they're looking for is a letter of support and this has been a year last November, so we're in 15 months over a letter,” said Nolan.

“From the board's perspective we just want in writing what he foresees his benchmarks to be so we can get on board for the safety of the town and the neighborhood that these buildings in a timely manner,” said Deborah Essley, a town board member.

The I-Square Project would bring together a mix of shops, restaurants and community space to create a town square in Irondequoit between Titus and Hudson Avenues. 

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