Dozens participate in bone marrow drive at RIT

Posted at: 01/23/2013 3:58 PM
Updated at: 01/24/2013 6:28 AM

Dozens of people in our community have agreed to be lifesavers. They participated in a bone marrow drive Wednesday at RIT. 

Entering the national registry usually costs $100, but Gates Automotive and a Webster charity called "Christopher's Challenger" absorbed the cost to encourage people to sign up.

The drive was in honor of six-year-old Logan Parker, who is currently battling leukemia.

Being on the registry means you could be matched with anyone in the world. Organizers describe how difficult and reward it can be to find a patient's match.
Kathy Costello, Christopher's Challenge, said, "It's long odds but when you're a patient and you don't have a sibling which is your best match, you hope someone somewhere is a match for you."

Christopher's Challenge says it has signed up more than 5,000 people to the bone marrow registry over the years. 30 people have been called on to donate, five to patients outside of the United States.