87 guns stolen in Wayne County within months

Posted at: 01/23/2013 6:02 PM
Updated at: 01/23/2013 6:22 PM
By: Joangel Concepcion

Just one illegal gun in the wrong hands may make you feel a little unsafe. But now, nearly 100 have been stolen from gun shops in Wayne County.

The latest break-in happened just a few days ago when 25 weapons were taken from the D&M Shooting Sports Store in Palmyra. Only two months ago, 62 guns were taken from a store in Sodus. So far, police have only recovered one of them.

News10NBC wanted to know if gun store owners are now taking extra precautions and how do federal investigators plan to get the illegal weapons off the street.

The sheriff's office says it does have some leads involving the burglary in Sodus, but the burglary in Palmyra is in its early stages. Their plan is to keep on digging. In the meantime, local gun shop owners refuse to be the next victim.

Bob Hetzke, Wayne County Sheriff's Office, said, “These handguns are going to be in the hands of bad people. Doing crimes with them.”

Bob Hetzke from the Wayne County Sheriff's Office says it's a scary reality. 87 guns stolen from two guns shops within months. While investigators continue their search, News10NBC wanted to know are shop owners required to do more to protect their guns?

News10NBC's Joangel Concepcion said, “Is there some kind of accountability for them to secure their guns so that is someone breaks in they won't be able to get to the guns. Like maybe lock it up in a safe?

Hetzke said, “No there is nothing like that.”

Concepcion said, “Is that going to change?

Hetzke said, “Not from my end.”

Hetzke says both of the shops did take some security measures. While the investigations continue,  another local gun shop owner isn't taking any chances.

Kordell Jackson, Jackson Guns and Ammo, said, “We don't want guns being sold out their on the street, being sold or used in a crime. We are already getting a bad rap as it is.”

Kordell Jackson says he sympathizes with the gun shop owners in Wayne County. He's doing what he can to prevent any crimes at *his* stores..

Jackson said, “We aren't going to get into specifics on what we're taking precautions on but we have taken extra steps to ensure that we aren't going to have any problems.”

Safety comes with a hefty price, but in the end, Jackson says it's all worth it.

Jackson said, “Everything is costing more and more as we boost security but its to make sure our stuff is safe. We take precautions everyday.”

News10NBC asked the sheriff's office and an ATF official if they thought these two burglaries were linked in any way.. They both said they are not sure if the two are connected, but it does cause concern and they have not ruled out that possibility.