Two adults, two young children seriously injured in Chili house fire

Posted at: 01/24/2013 11:22 AM
Updated at: 01/24/2013 7:27 PM
By: Berkeley Brean

A daring rescue. A postal worker delivering mail notices a burning home. Young young children, their mother and grandmother were pulled from that fire. The children are in critical condition.

The fire went unnoticed by neighbors, but the mail carrier noticed and the person most of us take for granted ended up being the one who helped save lives.

This happened Thursday morning on Golden Road in Chili.

Barbara Langdon took an extra deliver route Thursday for overtime when she noticed a 67-year-old woman hanging out of the window. Langdon pulled her to safety and called for help. Investigators then found the woman's 25-year-old daughter on the kitchen floor and her 4-year-old son.

When crews went back inside the home, they found a 7-month old baby girl and got her out.

News10NBC spoke with the mail carrier about the rescue and how she helped save the family.   

Barbara Langdon, U.S. Post Office, said, “There was so much black smoke out of the front and side I knew I wouldn't get in those doors and so I just ripped the curtains down put them on the ground so she wasn't in the snow and covered her with my coat. I just don't know anyone who could have just sat there and watch it seeing someone there and knowing there were other people in the house.”

The children suffered some burns and two adults were injured as well. Investigators say there were smoke detectors inside the home, but  were they working properly.

The fire started in the basement.  The Chili fire chief said it was smoldering for a while but won't say how it started.
They first want to interview the two adults who inside the house.

Chief Don Johnson said the staircase from the basement to the kitchen acted like a chimney funneling the smoke up to the main floor. That's where all the victims were. The smoke was so thick the visibility was 6 inches. The fire fighters had to feel their way around on the floor to find the mother and her two children. News10NBC wanted to know why the family couldn't escape.

Chili Fire Chief Don Johnson said, “Chances are a fire this bad, smoldering for a while and with no smoke detectors to warn them, the CO and the smoke just over comes you. You just don't wake up from that."

The deputy chief said if there had been working smoke alarms the family could have been alerted to the fire before they realized they had a problem.