FLCC takes precautions following nearby target practice

Posted at: 01/25/2013 11:21 AM
Updated at: 01/25/2013 5:56 PM
By: Joangel Concepcion

Do you know what your child's college would do in an emergency situation? One local campus was tested after gun shots were heard Friday morning.

Those shots ended up being people target shooting on a property nearby.. School officials say no one was ever in danger. It happened this morning at the FLCC campus in Canandaigua.

News10NBC wanted to know if your college student is safe and what area schools would do if students were actually in danger.

Reports of sounds of gunshots in the area began coming in around 9:45 Friday morning, pushing FLCC campus officials to spring into action.. The Ontario County Sheriff's Office was called to Lincoln Hill Road on Route 18 where we're told target shooting was taking place.

It's a call any campus official anywhere never wants to receive. Calls of shots fired near FLCC pushed officials to act immediately  Friday morning. The Ontario County Sheriff's Office determined there was no threat to any students and faculty. Campus officials did not lock down the college at any time.

Joseph Nairn, FLCC Executive Director of Advancement, said, “We didn't lock down the campus because there was no threat to the campus itself.”

Executive Director of Advancement Joseph Nairn says a lock down scenario would not work on this campus..  

Nairn said, “A lockdown would be the kind of thing that you would do to close up a building where you have one point of access. We have multiple points of access.”

But what if the worst case scenario ever happens at FLCC?

News10NBC's Joangel Concepcion said, “Let's say there was a shooter close what kind of procedures would you.”

Nairn said, “That's a totally different scenario. We would implement the plans we've worked with the Ontario County Sheriff's Office to follow. “

Nairn says they do have some security measures in place. He says they are effective, but not having a specific lock down procedure like other community colleges, worries some students.

Yonica Housted, student, said, “I think they should have some sort of lock down procedure because it's real and it could happened and everyone should be prepared for it.”

Jace Havrilla, student, said, “This stuff is just happening all around the world and it's scary to think about what is being happening to little kids and older kids and everybody.”
Others say there's just so much campus officials can do..

Concepcion said, “Do you think it's effective?

Matthew Coon said, “To a certain degree. Obviously they don't hold much power as law enforcement does, as in fire power.”