Boiler problem causes heating issues at School No. 28

Posted at: 01/25/2013 1:17 PM
Updated at: 01/25/2013 11:36 PM
By: Amanda Ciavarri

Children at school number 28 have been bundling up for class for weeks. It's all because of a heating problems, with some classrooms being uncomfortably cold.

To make matters worse, parents tell News10NBC they weren't notified about this problem until today.
We wanted to know why.

The chilly classroom temps are all because a boiler line became clogged. This issue popped up over the winter holiday break, and the district says they thought they fixed it. But this week the problem was back. The classrooms affected are kindergarten through 5th grade students.
The district let parents know today about the heating problem, and some parents say they would have liked to know much sooner.

"We really look for a temp 67 to 69 during the day,” said  Mike Schmidt, Director of Operations for Rochester City School District.
But the past few days, school number 28 has has problems with their heating system, causing eight classrooms in the northwest part of the building to fall 4 degrees.

“You know over the course of the day it can be uncomfortable, and that's not our optimal learning environment,” said Schmidt.
The cause of the problem is a clogged boiler line. The district became aware of the problem over the Christmas break and thought they had fixed it. But the problem continued this week, and today the school sent home a note with student letting their parents know about the problem.

Melissa Loeca, a parent of a student at school number 28 said, “ I have a right to know how comfortable my kids are here, not only academically, but physically.”

So we took that concern to the school district.
"I think, I can't speak specific to the parent notification process, but I think when I was in the building today, and I was over there early this morning. It was a situation where the rooms were cool, they were uncomfortable. I think from my office the notification of parents would be when a situation was unsafe, at no point was it unsafe,” said Schmidt.
The district says they are taking steps to make sure kids are comfortable in class.

“We are going to put in place a team, that was there all day today and will be back tomorrow to check all the units in the classrooms that I feel are below where I feel they need to be to have a optimal learning environment,” said Schmidt.

The district is also bringing in space heaters, which will be turned on in the classrooms two hours before students arrive to help warm them up.