Paw-some challenge raises money for animals

Posted at: 01/25/2013 11:47 PM

With temperatures dipping into single digits, and even into the negatives in some places, it's important to remember to keep pets out of the cold, but for many animals, that advice comes too late.

Friday, the first ever “paw-some” challenge fundraiser was held at Camp Eastman in Irondequoit, to help raise money and awareness for neglected pets. Those who came out to the event were challenged to sit outside in the cold for four hours, like many pets do every day.

"We're trying to get people involved and get the support of the community and really show people what these animals have to go through and start to create change. That's the whole point of paws is to create change, better future for these animals in the city,” said Matt Piccone.

The goal was to raise $10-thousand.