Mayor Tom Richards testifies in front of state legislature in Albany

Posted at: 01/28/2013 10:17 PM
Updated at: 01/28/2013 11:16 PM

Rochester Mayor Tom Richards is back from Albany where he asked questions about Governor Cuomo's budget proposal.

Mayor Richards testified in front of the state legislature Monday. Mayor Richards said between city pension payments and state mandated costs for schools, the city is faced with a growing budget gap.

He suggested that the state share the bill, specifically the $119 million in mandated school payment and public safety costs.
Tom Richards, Rochester Mayor said, "We do support Governor Cuomo's budget and we support the proposal he's made with respect to the flattening of the pension payments which would help us significantly. But, even after all of that is done, and it'll be very helpful this year, we need to start thinking about how we finance these cities, seriously. We have an 18th century revenue system with a 21st century expense base. That is just not going to work in the long run."

Mayor Richards says he and other mayors as well as state officials should work together to find a solution.