Scholar Athlete of the Week 1/29: Justin Alves

Posted at: 01/29/2013 3:16 PM
Updated at: 01/29/2013 6:42 PM

Churchville-Chili senior Justin Alves has always been good in school. He credits his 95 average and the ability to take several AP classes to the support he gets at home.

Justin Alves, Churchville-Chili Scholar Athlete: My mom helps me out every time I come home with my essays. She helps me come up with words when I can't find them, she is always there for me.”

Justin ease with math and science makes a career in medical research a perfect fit, but his interest goes beyond his books.

Alves said, “Two of my cousins were diagnosed with cancer at a young age. I want to find a cure for it to help our family and finally come to means with the whole cancer thing.”

His other passion is hockey.

Alves said, “My mom and dad thought hockey fans were crazy, my uncle introduced me to it at the rink in Scottsville and ever since I've loved it.”

Justin has been the Saints leading scorer the past two seasons. He is four points away from breaking the school's all-time scoring record. He holds the school's record for most points in a game and most goals scored, but he won't tell you about all his accomplishments. He would rather focus on the team.

Alves said, “If you look at the points they are helping me out too it's not just all me.”
Justin is hoping to go onto play hockey in college, but is now focused on a sectional and state title.

Alves said, “It means everything since sophomore year. School work is first but hockey comes after that. I've dedicated my life to it.”

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