What are police doing to keep roads safe for you on Super Bowl Sunday?

Posted at: 02/03/2013 11:29 PM
By: Joangel Concepcion

With all the excitement surrounding the Super Bowl on Sunday State Police wanted to make sure no one was making the choice to drive drunk.

Last year State Police issued almost two-thousand tickets over Super Bowl weekend and they are hoping their presence can lower that number this year.

State Police do a DWI crackdown every big holiday, like Thanksgiving and New Year's Eve.

Even though the Super Bowl isn't necessarily a holiday, police say they know there is a risk for drunk drivers out on the roads. 

In fact, on Super Bowl last year weekend State Police arrested 13 people throughout the state. They are hoping everyone this year will think before they drink.

While most of Rochester was watching the Super Bowl Sunday night New York State Police Trooper Eric Salamone was one of many troopers watching out for your safety.

“Let people know that we're out there aggressively enforcing vehicle and traffic laws and driving while intoxicated (laws),” said Salamone.

In an effort to stop drinking and driving, State Police have set up checkpoints throughout the state. They have also added more patrols to keep an eye on the roads.

“Hopefully with our efforts and people seeing the patrol and the New York State trooper cars out here with the emergency lights on and stuff like that, maybe they'll think twice before going out and drinking and driving,” said Salamone.

Drinking and driving is nothing new for troopers.

“Not only just moving in and out of the lanes, but we've had people going the wrong way on Interstate 590 and 390 and get into head on collisions and we've had people drive off the road,” Salamone said.

State Police hope to change that by promoting safety with their presence.

“If we could be highly visible and have the checkpoint and have the signs, and obviously make the arrest if we have to, but it also helps spread the word,” said Salamone.

Salamone says Super Bowl weekend is an exciting event that should never end on a bad play.

“It's not worth risking your life or hurting someone else's life,” he said.

This initiative isn't over now that the game is over. State Police will be pushing through with the DWI crackdowns on Monday as well.