Troopers: Ring leader and supplier of heroin in Buffalo and Rochester caught

Posted at: 02/05/2013 2:32 AM

nullState Police say a drug trafficker responsible for the largest heroin ring in Buffalo history, which also included the Rochester area, has been arrested.

Police say Eury Rodriquez, 33, of Queens, brought heroin from the Bronx to be sold in Buffalo. He is being charged for moving more than seven kilos of heroin with an estimated value of $3.5 million.

Troopers say Rodriquez was named in a 51-count indictment in March 2011 after almost a year long investigation, but went into hiding to avoid being arrested.

Investigators say they finally caught Rodriquez and took him into custody on January 31.

Rodriquez will be arraigned Tuesday on charges of first-degree criminal possession of a controlled substance, criminal sale of a controlled substance, second-degree conspiracy and operating as a drug trafficker.