Students arrested following after school fights at Greece Athena High School

Posted at: 02/05/2013 5:10 PM
Updated at: 02/05/2013 6:59 PM
By: Amanda Ciavarri

We have an update to dramatic cell phone video of fights at Greece Athena High School. Districts officials say three fights broke out last Thursday and Friday at dismissal time. Two of those fights were caught on camera and posted online.

On Tuesday, News10NBC was able to bring our questions on camera to the district about the fights. We learned that two of the people arrested in those fights are former students.

The district tells us on Thursday, a group of non-students came on the property after dismissal and that's when the fight happened between them and current students. The District says they still aren't sure why Friday’s fights happened.

The District is now talking with everyone they know was involved from bystanders to those fighting to discuss the role they played. Also teachers will be talking in the classrooms with all students about proper ways to handle disputes.

This was our first chance to talk directly to school officials and we wanted to know if the security measures they have in place are enough to keep their students safe.

Amanda Ciavarri: We know fighting happens at every school, what is unique here is three fights in two days? Did District security fail at keeping the students safe at dismissal?

District Spokesperson Laurel Heiden: The initial fight that happened on Thursday, that fight, we were not aware of the severity of the fight. It was relayed to us as just a couple of students involved, so we did not know the volume of students until one video came to light. What happened after that is the next day. There were a couple of fights in the parking lot those were smaller in scale and as you know they were broken up by security personal. Is it typical for us to have those fights in close proximity, no that's not typical it's not something we'd like to replicate.”

To prevent any more fights, security has been added at Athena and will be in place till spring. During that time they will evaluate how they handle security at dismissal, and if need be, will make changes to their policy.