Brennan confirmation hearing interrupted by protests

Posted at: 02/07/2013 10:13 PM

nullThe nominee to head the Central Intelligence Agency defended the policy of targeted killing of terrorists by drone strikes.
John Brennan’s testimony to the Senate Intelligence Committee began only after repeated interruptions from protesters, which lead to a brief halt in the hearing.
NBC News earlier this week reported on a Justice Department paper giving the legal basis for targeted killing of terrorists, including American citizens.
Brennan told senators that such strikes, often by unmanned drones, only take place when there's an imminent threat and there's no other alternative, all in the effort keep Americans safe.
And the nominee acknowledged these strikes take place in countries outside of combat zones, such as Afghanistan.
Brennan currently serves as president Obama’s top counter-terrorism adviser in the White House.
But he had a long career as a CIA officer., and acknowledged today he disagreed over the last decade with some of the interrogation techniques the agency used, including water-boarding.

Brennan told senators that America is under constant cyber attacks, and that threat remains a serious concern.