What happens if your flight is canceled due to weather?

Posted at: 02/08/2013 6:45 PM
By: Berkeley Brean

What do you if your flight is canceled because of weather? News10NBC found new information for you on travel insurance. If you buy your ticket online, there's a big difference between buying from the airline directly or one of the discount sites.

Meet the two luckiest people in Rochester.

Cheryl Tierson, flying to Orlando, said, “I feel like we're one of the lucky planes because it's still on schedule. I do feel lucky.”

Cheryl Tierson and her daughter's flight to Florida was still on time.

Julie Tierson, flying to Orlando, said, “A little bit lucky. I mean we're still scheduled but it can change. It's two hours away and who knows what can happen in two hours.”

Outside, News10NBC could hear the planes, but not see them. Actually there wasn't much to hear and see at all. Looking at the arrival departure board, flights from Atlanta, Detroit, New York and all over the country were canceled, but there was virtually no one stranded.

Michael Giardino, Greater Rochester International Airport Director, said, “The reason is people called in advance, or checked the website in advance.”

Sarah Natale, flying to Florida, said, “We're checked in and hopefully take off in the next two hours.”

Sarah Natale has her hands full Friday. She learned Thursday her original flight was canceled she got a full refund but had to buy a new, more expensive ticket Friday. She did not have travel insurance.

Natale said, “We have some other friends going on another flight going out of Buffalo that did buy and I thought I think next time we will.  When you travel with the kids, it's probably a better idea to travel with insurance.”

The number one protection is travel insurance. The cost varies but it covers every reason why you can't make your flight from sickness to weather. Children under 21 are usually covered for free. Most flights you buy on discount websites are non-refundable. You can choose to see only refundable tickets, but they could be more expensive. And if you and a friend buy the same ticket for the same flight but your friend bought it from the airline's website and you got yours on a discount site, studies show your friend is more likely to get helped by the airline before you. Buying directly from the airline gets you to the front of the line.