Snowstorm keeps tow truck companies busy

Posted at: 02/09/2013 6:37 PM
Updated at: 02/09/2013 11:37 PM
By: Joangel Concepcion

If you woke up Saturday morning completely snowed in you were not alone.

The snowfall from Friday's storm has caused a lot of headaches throughout the area, especially when it comes to cars.
Tow truck companies have been working around the clock.

The roads Downtown seem to be cleared up. Many roads in the county have slowly cleared up throughout the day Saturday, which is good news considering the number of people tow truck companies had to help Friday and Saturday.

Some think all of the snow is absolutely beautiful. Others think it's a big ol' mess.

Thousands of people braved the wet roads on Friday. Many drivers made it home safely, while it took others a little more time and a little more patience.

For hundreds of people in the area the winter frustration continued on into Saturday.

“Cars slid off the road and into guard rails. Stuck in the ditches. Lots of tows,” said Jack Ahrens, from Action Towing and Service.

Ahrens says he has helped dozens of people since Friday afternoon, and he wasn't alone.

“We scheduled a lot of extra drivers on the road for this. We're all prepared. We have 20 trucks on the road. We're keeping up wit it,” he said.

This particular tow truck company received more than 300 calls on Friday and more than 100 calls came in on Saturday.

Many of those calls were to pull cars out of ditches. Other calls were for careless mistakes.

“People aren't  really shoveling out the end of their driveways all that much, so they keep getting stuck at the end of their driveways. That is a huge problem this winter,” said Ahrens.

Tow truck companies were considered saviors and at $60 to $100 dollars a pop business was booming. Ahrens insists it's not just about making money. He says he just wants to make sure everyone stays safe.

“Shovel your driveway before you try to leave and that's really the biggest thing. Make sure your tires are good and properly inflated and (you) should keep the speeds down to a minimum,” said Ahrens.

Even though the roads were a little better on Saturday, you can see piles of snow everywhere throughout the City.

The clean up effort is just beginning now that the blizzard is well behind us.

The City has posted winter snow and parking rules to help you avoid getting a towing fee or a fine.