Honeoye CSD boys' basketball team not participating in Section V Post-Season Tournament

Posted at: 02/11/2013 11:41 AM

After an incident involving the Honeoye Central School District boys’ basketball team, the district says the team will not be participating in this year’s Section V post-season tournament.

Superintendent David Bills issued a statement saying, “The Honeoye CSD Boys' Basketball Team will not be participating in this year's Section V Post-Season Tournament. Recent incidents were in violation of our code of conduct and although we are not able to release any specific information due to student confidentially, we will continue to follow protocol procedure regarding this incident. Although unfortunate, this is an opportunity for our student athletes, who are representatives of our school district, to learn and grow. This learning experience allows our school community and students to further realize those elements of strong character, developed through athletic participation. It is our goal for the team to return to competition next year as ambassadors for the community of Honeoye.

News10NBC previously reported that some students had been suspended as a result of an incident that took place on a school bus. We are told the senior players gave the JV players wedgies and noogies and that the coaches were on the bus at the time.

Both the Varsity and Junior Varsity coaches have resigned.