Four years since Flight 3407

Posted at: 02/12/2013 6:45 AM

It’s a tragedy that has lasting implications. Tuesday marks four years since a plane crashed into a home in Clarence Center, just outside of Buffalo, killing 50 people.

Families of the victims of Flight 3407 will be in Washington, D.C. Tuesday, continuing their fight for tougher air safety regulations.

Many of them say the FAA has not worked hard enough to make flying safer since the crash in 2009.

Pilot fatigue was partially to blame for the crash and just over a week ago, a federal audit of the FAA showed the agency is more than 15 months late on providing final rules on pilot training.

Another issue, lawmakers haven't been able to agree on airline safety issues but Senator Kirsten Gillibrand says that's no excuse and it's time to make these changes to protect U.S. citizens. “Reality is, we don't want any family ever to have to suffer what our families went through here in New York and it's the kind of reforms we need in place to protect the flying public."

All 49 people on board that plane, including the pilot died. One man in the house was also killed.

Officials have said pilot fatigue contributed to the crash.