Monroe County Legislature approves MCC's move to Kodak property on State Street

Posted at: 02/12/2013 10:27 PM
Updated at: 02/12/2013 11:18 PM

The fate of $3 million of your money has been decided. The majority of Monroe County legislators voted in favor of using it to buy property from Kodak on State Street for a new downtown MCC campus. The vote was 19 in favor to 9 against.

And it didn't come fast. The county legislature debated for more than two hours on this topic alone.

Democrats hammered MCC President Anne Kress  with question after question about parking and where the state money for this project stands.
Right now, that money, which is scheduled to cover operating costs at the Kodak location on State Street has not been approved. Kress says they haven't pushed for that money because they didn't have approval from the county for the money to buy the property. She says now they will go after those funds.
Last month, at a time many officials say was last minute Winn Companies, which owns the Sibley building  where MCC downtown campus is now, proposed a project, they say, would cost taxpayers $18 million dollars less than the Kodak site. News10NBC wanted to know why MCC didn't even consider that proposal and pushed forward with the one that was approved Tuesday night.

So how did your elected officals vote on this issue? All of the republicans on the county legislature voted to pass the proposal and all of the democrats who were there voted against it. Many of them said they just didn't have enough information to support it, but they are for the growth of the college.

Tthere will have to be construction at the Kodak site to transform it into a space suitable for MCC students. Right now, there is a study being done to check for leaks and asbestos. The purchase of the Kodak site isn't locked in stone right now and MCC's lawyer made it clear, if that study turns up something costly they could chose not to go there. The school has another three and a half years at the Sibley building so they have time.