Are flower prices up because of the cost of gas?

Posted at: 02/13/2013 11:31 PM

Thursday is Valentine's Day and you may need to pick up a card or some flowers. Since the cost of gas is up News10NBC wanted to know if you would find a increase in the price of a bouquet for your loved one.

Jimmy Catalano, the wedding and events manager at Kittleberger Florist in Webster, says the florist is in the delivery business, so increased gas prices can present a challenge.

He says Kittlebergers does everything it can, from planning and organizing to using a delivery cooperative in order to keep customers from paying extra.

“We do whatever we can to keep the costs minimal to our customers, so they don't feel the impact with such things as the gas issues we're facing now. It's important to us because you don't want to gauge them because it's one day a year,” said Catalano.

Catalano says another thing that can drive up the price of flowers is the high demand.

He says sometimes an entire crop is destroyed so the plants can regenerate and have enough flowers to fill stores across the country.