Shoppers are bittersweet over Wegmans closing on East Avenue

Posted at: 02/17/2013 6:49 PM
Updated at: 02/17/2013 11:37 PM
By: Joangel Concepcion

Hundreds of loyal shoppers will have to wait a few months for a new and improved Wegmans on East Avenue, but where will shoppers go during construction?

The East Avenue Wegmans is set to close its doors this Saturday. The store will be demolished to make way for a parking lot which will have 349 parking spaces. Many people who shop there will be forced to travel a little farther for groceries.

Store officials say the new East Avenue Wegmans will open on May 19.

The only time you usually see any open spaces on the shelves at Wegmans is when a big storm is approaching and that's what the East Avenue store is starting to look like.

Shoppers say they will continue to go the store until the very last day, but they say they are torn. Shoppers say it has nothing to do with traveling father for groceries. Some say they want this new and improved Wegmans store, while others say they prefer the smaller older one.

It seemed like a regular Sunday shopping day at the Wegmans on East Avenue, but if you take a closer look, things are starting to look a little dry.

Even though a lot of items have already been taken off the shelves to prep for the big closure it didn't seem to bother shoppers at all.

“I guess it's just kind of like home. I guess I just wanted to come back a couple more times before it closes,” said shopper Ted Liddell.

Come Saturday these shoppers won't have a choice. Hundreds will have to find another place to shop for at least a few months.

“Not really bothered, more of an inconvenience. Definitely looking forward to the new East Ave Wegmans,” said shopper Christopher Vanepps.

Construction for the new Wegmans is well underway. The store will be twice as big as the old one with more to offer, including a sit down Italian restaurant.

Even though it's predicted to be bigger and better, some say they liked the old East Avenue Wegmans just like it is.

“I really like this place because this is small and handy and I can find any thing here, so I didn't want a bigger Wegmans,” said shopper Yuri Kobarton.

“I'm going to miss the crowd here too. It's a very mixed crowd. People don't run each other down here. That's what I'm going to miss,” said shopper Jennifer Carter.

Wegmans employees are still putting out the popular products, but don't be surprised if some of your favorite items are not available. It's all to prepare for what shoppers are calling a bittersweet goodbye.

“It is going, for sure and I like how quaint this is, this store. I kind of steer clear from the Pittsford Wegmans, but I think we'll have to go there for the next couple of months,” said Carter.

All non-perishable items leftover in the store will be donated to Foodlink before the building is torn down.

The Wegmans pharmacy will be temporarily moving across the street right next to the Country Club Diner, at 1749 East Avenue.