I-Team10 Consumer Alerts: We want to hear from you and your stories

Posted at: 02/18/2013 2:19 PM
Updated at: 02/18/2013 2:29 PM
By: Berkeley Brean

Have you been duped on eBay? A work-from-home scam? Had your identity stolen from a place you trusted? We have examples of these nightmares. But we want to hear your story.

News10NBC wants to help you be aware of consumer frauds -- some that are obvious, some that are not.

Warning: Craig's List scammers

How about this one? The US Postal Inspectors office says you can easily be duped from your money when you try to tell something on line. The item in question is an elliptical machine. A seller posted a picture of the item on Craig's List. Price: $1,500.

Sure enough to the seller's delight she got a response. What she didn't expect was the buyer sent her $2,500, $1,000 more than the asking price. But the money order the buyer sent was counterfeit. The con man was hoping to trick the seller into wiring back the overpayment from her bank account before the bank realized the money order was worthless.

"The entire transaction was bogus. The buyer never had any intention of buying anything. The intent was to get the seller to wire transfer the money," the inspectors said.

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Warning: Work-at-home scams

Online job offers can be seductive but some of these jobs might bring you down a path you should definitely avoid. An ad promised good money you can make at home. It was a "re-shipping" business. One victim said they needed someone to send packages. So, she sent her information in, including a copy of her driver's license.  The victims said "I receive packages at my home and then send them wherever they tell me to send them. It was easy money, $16 dollars a package."

It was stuff like ski equipment, watches and even an electric guitar to ship out. But then the victim started to become suspicious. All of the packages went to Russia. The victim called the US Postal Inspectors Service which began tracking the packages.

"Basically it is a fraudulent credit card purchase that is shipped to an individual in the US who unwittingly participating in the scheme from a work at home job," the inspectors said.

Have you been scammed in a work-from-home scheme? Call the I-Team at 232-1010 or email us at bbrean@whec.com

Warning: Scammed through the place you trust

There are few places off limits for identity thieves. An couple was devastated after discovering the money she and her husband were saving for a new home had been stolen from their bank account. And those responsible for stealing their identity and money came from a place they trusted the most -- the doctor's office. While the male victim underwent chemotherapy, an employee of the medical clinic was stealing his personal information from his check-in forms.

Have you ever been defrauded by a place you trust? Call the I-Team at 232-1010 or email us at bbrean@whec.com