What are local colleges doing to protect students from carbon monoxide?

Posted at: 02/18/2013 8:24 PM

After a carbon monoxide leak prompted the evacuation of more than 500 University of Buffalo students Sunday night, News10NBC wanted to know what colleges around here are doing to protect their students from carbon monoxide.

A University of Buffalo spokesman says a problem in a boiler room caused the leak. Four students wound up going to hospitals for treatment. Students were finally allowed to return several hours later. School officials told News10NBC's affiliate, WGRZ, that hard, wired detectors were not in the dorms because they are not mandated by law. But they do have several plug-in units near possible carbon monoxide sources like boilers and laundry rooms.
New York State requires carbon monoxide alarms in places where there is an attached garage or where they are appliances, devices, or systems that may emit the gas.

Nazareth College says detectors are in all areas where students sleep and there is a fuel burning appliance.

Roberts Wesleyan says it has CO detectors in all dorms.

The College at Brockport says it is compliant with all laws and has detectors in hallways of certain buildings and in all townhouses where there are hot water tanks.

St. John Fisher College says it has monitors in rooms adjacent to spaces with gas appliances in them.

SUNY Geneseo has them inside and outside all rooms with combustion devices on the same floor level.