Eating right, playing better

Posted at: 02/19/2013 3:51 PM
Updated at: 02/19/2013 6:00 PM
By: Robin De Wind

The Rochester Amerks have a tough game coming up this week. They face the Texas Stars Wednesday, the best team in the AHL.

David Leggio has had an incredible two months in net for the Amer.ks and when ask what might be making the difference, he says he tweaked what he eats.

Leggio is on his game, not much gets past him these days. He leads the AHL in victories and minutes played in the past 18 starts. He has a 13-5 record and is 8-1 in his past nine starts.

David Leggio, Amerks goalie, said, “I feel good and the guys in front of me limit scoring chances. That's a big reason we've had success.”

Another reason for Leggio's success might have to do with what he isn't eating anymore.

Leggio said, “Milk, bananas, small things, Brussels sprouts. Milk was tough, eggs, it's been hard.”

Leggio, along with several other members of the team, are finding out that food really does fuel the brain and body.  Owner Terry Pegula ask players  on both the Sabres and Amerks to voluntarily take a blood test that can tell what foods work and which ones don't.

Leggio said, “Terry Pegula gave us a test that identifies the food that you're sensitive to so I’ve cut them out since they've been sensitive to my body. They are good foods but my body is just reacting to them.”

The AlCAT blood test identifies cellular reactions to more than 350 foods chemicals and herbs. Inflammatory reactions  are linked to obesity, diabetes skin joint and digestive disorders. All David leggio knows is he feels better over all and has more clarity over the past two months since he's gotten his results. So could there be a connection to his performance.

Leggio said, “Maybe that's why I’ve been playing better and I’m trying to get better every day. The team is playing better.”

Leggio says he's not allergic to any of the foods he's had to give up but taking them out of his diet has made him feel better. The Amerks host the Texas Stars Wednesday night at the Blue Cross Arena..