Five people arrested for welfare fraud in Wayne County

Posted at: 02/19/2013 9:11 PM

Five people have been arrested and charged with welfare fraud in Wayne County. Sheriff's Deputies say their actions resulted in a loss of more than $15,000 to the people of New York State.

Wayne County Sheriff's Deputies say Zatina Boyle, 31, of Palmyra concealed the fact that she was drawing unemployment insurance money from the Department of Social Services in order to get more public assistance from them. She is charged with welfare fraud.

Tonya L. Backus, 36, of Macedon is charged with welfare fraud and offering a false instrument. Sheriff's Deputies say Backus was receiving cash assistance for several minor children that were not living in her home. The children had been removed several weeks earlier.

Julie Ann DeWilde, 31, of Marion, is charged with welfare fraud and misuse of food stamps. Sheriff's Deputies say DeWilde was receiving food stamps while she was laid off from work. When she returned to work, Sheriff's Deputies say she failed to report her increase income to the Department of Social Services.

Laura A. Caldwell, 40, of Savannah, is charged with offering a false instrument for filing and misuse of food stamps. Sheriff's Deputies say Caldwell was receiving food stamps when a member of her household went to work. They say she did not report the change income.

Kelly L. Becker, 32, of Penfield, is charged with welfare fraud. Department of Social Services says Becker was receiving money for daycare services. When she moved out of Wayne County and reconciled with her estranged husband, negligibility for that service ended. Sheriff's Deputies say Becker attempted to hide her move from the county.
All five were released from the Sheriff's Office in Lyons and are due back in Lyons Village Court at a later date.