Eastman Business Park to become national tech hub?

Posted at: 02/21/2013 5:21 PM

Eastman Business Park could soon be 1 in 15 national technology institutes in the country if Senator Charles Schumer has his way.

Schumer visited the business park and unveiled his plan to create jobs. The idea is to create 15 manufacturing institutes across the country.

Basically, the hubs would become a resource for small businesses looking to conduct research by using advanced technology.

Schumer says if our area was selected, it would focus on optics, which helps create screens for smartphones and computers.

Schumer said, "If you were a company in Arizona and were thinking about getting into optics and we were one of the national hubs, you would come here because you know there's money, resources and research and things like that. On the other hand somebody wanting to get in oil and energy might think about Houston or some place like that."

Other candidates for the hub include Buffalo and Albany.