The Town of Victor is expected to grow, here's why

Posted at: 02/24/2013 6:57 PM
Updated at: 02/24/2013 11:40 PM
By: Joangel Concepcion

The Town of Victor is preparing to build a massive multi-sports health, and wellness complex in the Hamlet of Fishers.

The proposal got positive reviews from Victor residents and town board members at a meeting back on February 11.

The complex, called "Pinnacle Athletic Campus," would mean a new site for community youth sports programs.

News10NBC wanted to know what this complex will have to offer and when will we know if the project is a go.

According to officials the 94 acre project is 12 years in the making and it wasn't until last year when the developers got very serious.

This project is expected to bring a lot fun and a lot of revenue to Victor and to its surrounding areas.

The property is huge. It's south of the intersection of Phillips Road and Main Street. It currently looks like an empty field but developers are hoping to turn it into much more.

The sports complex will have two indoor multi-sport athletic facility buildings, up to five medical, commercial or retail spaces and up to two hotels with around 150 rooms.

 It will also include six soccer fields and four baseball fields.

The entire plan is expected to promote health and wellness and it will also promote the area.

The developers say the location is perfect. It has easy access to highways and the field is adjacent to several hiking trails.

The proposed complex is expected to also bring in sports teams from other areas, which means more traffic for the Town of Victor and its surrounding areas.

“Not only does this appeal to Victor and the residents locally, but surrounding communities will benefit as well. They will come and use the facilities, as well as for regional and what we call super regional events. So we'll be drawing teams from the upstate area and out of state as well. They'll come and they'll participate in events. Not just sporting but non-sporting as well. They'll of course need to stay at our hotels, eat at our restaurants, purchase our gasoline and come and have a great time as well," said Pinnacle Athletic Campus developer Jim Ludwig.

The proposal for the sports complex is still up for vote. The developers are still working their way through two planning boards and waiting on final approval.

There will be another town hall meeting Monday night and hopefully a final decision will be made on March 11.

Developers say as soon as they get the green light construction will begin. The project is expected to be completed by this October.