Fairport native wins Oscar for best short documentary

Posted at: 02/24/2013 10:37 PM
Updated at: 02/24/2013 11:35 PM
By: Bethany Young, Messenger Post

Fairport native Andrea Nix Fine and her husband, Sean Fine, won the Oscar for Best Documentary Short Film at Sunday's Academy Awards.
Their vibrant documentary, "Inocente,” follows a homeless teenage girl who is chasing her dream of becoming an artist despite her difficult circumstances.

 As they accepted the award, the couple was joined onstage by Inocente, the star of their film, who was still homeless one year ago. Sean Fine praised her during the emotional speech.

 "All of us are artists, so we need to stand up so people like here can be seen and heard," said Sean Fine.
This was the Fines' second Oscar nomination. In 2008, their film “War/Dance" was nominated for Best Documentary Feature Film.