Reilich to run for Greece Supervisor, supported by Dep. Supervisor who went public with GOP problems

Posted at: 03/01/2013 10:56 AM
Updated at: 03/01/2013 2:20 PM
By: Berkeley Brean

State Assemblyman Bill Reilich is running for Greece Town Supervisor. He made the announcement this morning at the Town Hall. He's supported by Dep. Supervisor Jeff McCann who, last year, complained the Greece Republican Party Committee was stacked in favor of Reilich.

"I've always been proud to represent this community. Coming to the decision to run for supervisor was easy because I know it's the right time for a change in Greece," Reilich said. "Together we've all experienced some of the challenges faced by our town. But we must believe we can do better and we will do better."

Reilich recalled the town logo of a lighthouse and the town motto -- "Discover the Promise."

"While recently many may be questioning where the promise is gone and where the beacon of light is shining let me assure each of you today that as we move forward, I am confident that any negatives can be moved aside, and each can be replaced by hope and a renewed commitment to our residents," Reilich said.

Late last year, Deputy Greece Town Supervisor Jeff McCann went public saying the town's Republican Party Committee was getting stacked with friends and family of the committee's leader, Jerry Helfer (who is also the Assistant County Executive) and Reilich.

Today, McCann was standing by Reilich's side.

"I had some concerns, I raised those concerns. We had a special meeting where those concerns were addressed and addressed to my satisfaction," McCann said. McCann said at a meeting last month, 30 people were added to the party committee. And that was the solution.

Jeff McCann, Deputy Greece Town Supervisor: Actually we added members to the committee.
Brean: That you were satisfied with?
McCann: Yes.
Brean: That's all it took?
McCann: Yeah, it was, again we had a meeting. We added a number of people and at the end of the day we have many more people active in the process and that was evident last night when we had the meeting when Bill was nominated.

Here's what Reilich said about the rift.

"A month ago we had a meeting subsequent to what you are referencing and Jeff recognized that some of the information he had was not accurate. He's perfectly fine with the procedure. He's supportive. I'm happy to have his support and endorsement for this and we're moving forward," Reilich said.

When asked he if thought Reilich would be challenged in a primary, McCann said, "absolutely not."

A couple of more things

Reilich says he plans to stay on as Monroe County Republican Party Chair. He's in the middle of a term in the State Assembly. Reilich says he won't resign unless he's elected as Supervisor. If that happens, his resignation would take effect on New Year's Eve.

Reilich said he does not have a successor in mind in for the Assembly.

Democratic Party Response

Here's the response from Monroe County Democratic Party Chair, Assemblyman Joe Morelle:

"The people of Greece want, need and expect leadership that is as good as they are, and under Republican control they haven't had it. We intend to make this a vigorous campaign on their behalf. For far too long Greece town government has been linked with scandal and corruption. We believe Greece residents and taxpayers deserve much better than that. It's time for new leadership and a new direction. That's what Democrats will be fighting for in Greece in 2013."