NY seeks to crack down on tax break double-dippers

Posted at: 03/04/2013 11:22 AM
By: Associated Press

New York state is cracking down on fraudulent claims for school property tax rebates under its STAR program.
The $3 billion-a-year School Tax Relief program is for people who earn less than $500,000 a year and own and live in their homes but has been unchecked for years. The improper claims for tax breaks were applied to weekend and vacation homes and even to illegally subdivided rooming houses.
The Rockland County district attorney says his detectives found $679,000 in tax break claims in an 11-month investigation in just five towns. He says the claims were fraudulent or incorrectly filed.
Gov. Andrew Cuomo is proposing the first state-level system to root out abuse and make sure only valid tax breaks are provided.