Webster Town Board will decide whether to sell Lt. Mike Chiapperini's service revolver

Posted at: 03/04/2013 10:59 PM

The Webster Town Board will meet Thursday March 7 at the Webster Town Hall on Ridge Road.

According to the agenda, the town board will decide whether to declare Webster Police Lt. Michael Chiapperini's pistol surplus, for purchase by his widow, Kimberly Chiapperini. Lt. Chiapperini, who was also a volunteer firefighter with the West Webser Fire Department, was shot and killed in an ambush attack on Lake Road on Christmas Eve.

Supervisor Ron Nesbitt tells our news partners at the Messenger Post Newspapers that the request will be considered by the board because it's something that has never been done before. It has been the practice that when an officer in the police department retires, he or she may purchase their service revolver for $550, Nesbitt said, adding that recently retired Investigator Chuck Sortino did just that.

Nesbitt said Mrs. Chiapperini, who does have a gun license, made the request to the Webster Police Department, which brought the request to the board on her behalf.

The town has never received a request from a widow before, Nesbitt said.

Since officers' service revolvers range in price between $450 and $650, the board settled on the average, $550, to sell them, Nesbitt added, noting, "It's taxpayer money that bought them."

Includes reporting from our news partners at the Messenger Post Newspapers