Suspicious incident alarms parents and police in Greece

Posted at: 03/08/2013 4:36 AM
Updated at: 03/08/2013 5:20 PM
By: Joangel Concepcion

Greece Police are stepping up patrols after receiving an alarming call to 911.  A mother told investigators a man approached her son  right in their driveway. She says it happened Wednesday morning.

Police say they don't have any evidence to indicate the boy was in danger, but they say they are looking  at this incident from every angle and they want to find the man and bring him in for questioning.

Police say the report came from a woman who lives in the 2000 block of Maiden Lane. She told police by the time she ran outside to see who a man was, all she saw was the car driving away. But it is what her son told her that made her call police immediately..

It's considered a quiet neighborhood in Greece, full of families and close to schools. But when News10NBC told Ottavia Fava about a suspicious incident that police are investigating near her house.
She was immediately alarmed.

Fava said, “I'm going to be looking out for someone pulling in driveways and looking for little kids.”

Police say a mother called 911 early Wednesday morning claiming a man approached her son right in her driveway. Police say the man got out of his truck and the boy ran into the house. Investigators are now struggling to find answers.

Lt. Jason Helfer, Greece Police, said, “Right now, we do not have any evidence clearly supporting the intent of the individual.”

Police have no idea who this man is and what he was doing in that drive way. All they know is he is  bald and Caucasian. It is unclear how old he may be, but police say he was wearing a red jacket and driving a red Ford Explorer. Even though there was no dialogue between the man and the boy, police aren't taking any chances.

Lt. Helfer said, “We are very concerned. We treat everything seriously until the facts prove otherwise.”

Police say they are increasing their presence, paying extra attention to bus stops near schools. Police say they will continue to do that for as long as they need to. In the meantime, they want residents to stay calm.

Lt. Helfer said, “At this time, I don't see any reason to  be concerned. What I ask is that everybody be vigilant. If there is any information out there or any observations, if the vehicle has been seen before and in what capacity.”

Police say they have been in touch with the Greece School District. They are working together to share any information they may find about this incident.  Police will continue to canvas the neighborhood as the investigation continues. If you have any information about this incident, you are urged to call 911.