Victor residents see changes to proposed sports complex

Posted at: 03/09/2013 7:33 PM
Updated at: 03/09/2013 11:26 PM
By: Joangel Concepcion

Residents in Victor are working closely with the Town Board  help approve a 94-acre sports complex set to bring an economic boost to the area.

The complex, called the Pinnacle Athletic Campus, has been in the works for more than a decade. It's expected to promote a healthy lifestyle for kids and adults.

Even though it's close to getting a final approval, residents who live near the project have been voicing their concerns at public hearings and the Town of Victor seems to be listening.

Developers have made some changes to the plan for the massive sports complex. It will include six soccer fields, four baseball fields and tennis courts, plus medical, commercial and retail space, as well as two hotels.

People got the chance to see those changes firsthand on Saturday.

The plan for the sports complex was put into action last May and although it seems like a great idea to many people in Victor, those who live right next to the project think having a hotel and all that traffic next to their homes does not sound desirable.

Now the plans have changed and residents are hoping the Town Board sticks to those changes.

It all looks good and it all sounds good.

“We're interested in the project from the standpoint of positive economic impact on members of the chamber, our hotels, our restaurants, our retail businesses,” said Mitch Donovan, Victor Chamber of Commerce President.

But to local residents who will live next to the proposed 94-acre sports complex, it's a little more complicated.

“We're talking about hotels, we're talking about commercial office flex space, which can lead to a lot of things that are a lot less desirable,” said Victor resident Randolph Lee.

Residents like Lee have voiced their opinions to the Town Board about the project and so far their voices have been heard.

“Oh it's great to get the feedback. These are the residents effected because they live in close proximity to the project,” said Jack Marren, Victor Town Supervisor.

The proposed site is just south of the intersection of Phillips Road and Main Street in Fishers.

Developers wanted to show residents the changes on Saturday by taking them on a walk-through of the area, which right now is just an open field

The biggest change was moving the two proposed hotels, which is one of the biggest concerns for residents. The new plan will put medical buildings in that area instead.
Residents say they are happy the town is working with them.

“We're looking for some balance because some of the changes they're talking about would drastically change the nature of a residential area,” said Lee.

Developers say this entire project will move the Town of Victor in the right direction.

Although Victor residents recognize some of the benefits they want to make sure the town continues to listen.

“So at least we feel we are being heard and obviously we are optimistic, hopeful that some of the compromises we're looking for will be hopefully admitted,” said Lee.

The Town Board will look at the changes again on Monday when they hold a workshop for residents. They will go over any questions and will hold a public hearing that night. No final decision on the project will be made on Monday.

News10NBC is told the town still has to review the traffic study. The date for the final decision will be on March 25th. If approved, the first part of the project would open in October.