President Obama speaks on site that swiped sensitive celebrity information

Posted at: 03/14/2013 6:15 AM
By: Associated Press

President Barack Obama says "we should not be surprised" that hackers have been able to get their electronic mitts on published credit reports of first lady Michelle Obama, as well as other famous people.

The president didn't confirm that his wife's credit report was among those published on a Russian website. But he says it "would not shock" him that hackers could get hold of such information.

He says the breach shows "we've got to continually improve" to make sure private information that is online - remains private.

Along with the information on the first lady, personal data on about two dozen others, including Jay-Z, Beyonce, Tiger Woods, Donald Trump and Republican presidential candidate Mitt Romney were posted on the rogue Web site. Meanwhile, the search for those responsible goes on.

The FBI, the Secret Service and the Los Angeles Police Department are teaming up to investigate the security breach.