Police crackdown on drinking and driving St. Patrick's Day weekend

Posted at: 03/16/2013 7:24 PM
By: Joangel Concepcion

With all the St. Patrick's Day festivities comes a lot fun and for some, a little too much fun.

Law enforcement agencies are joining forces to make sure everyone has a great time but in a responsible way.

There was heavy police presence on East Avenue on Saturday because of the parade, but they are also expecting big crowds along the busy street at night.

On Saturday evening there were still plenty of people out and about even though the parade ended hours ago.

Police have been prepping for the big crowds all week and they are ready to make sure those who are drinking stay off the road.

The STOP-DWI Program began on Friday. State Police have been working with local police departments and the Sheriff's Office to monitor drivers throughout the holiday weekend.  Their message is for you to think and act responsibly before you get behind the wheel.

Several checkpoints have been set up throughout the area.

Last year police made 16 DWI arrests throughout Monroe, Wayne and Ontario counties and for police, that number is way too high.

County officials say they are taking this program very seriously. They say police know exactly what to look for.

“I think the goal is two-fold today. Number one, to have police out there so we identify drunk drivers before they do harm to themselves or other people on the road. Number two, to have an increased police presence so that anybody thinking about drinking and getting behind the wheel will think twice. So it's preventative, as well as reacting to those who may be a little over served today because of the holiday,” said Monroe County Executive Maggie Brooks.

Police plan to continue the DWI program until Monday so definitely be safe getting home throughout the weekend.

News10NBC also spoke to the Rochester Fire Department on Saturday. They will be out  Saturday night visiting bars and restaurants, making sure they are meeting the occupancy requirements.