Woman accused of buying guns used in Webster Christmas Eve shooting pleaded not guilty

Posted at: 03/18/2013 3:32 AM
Updated at: 03/18/2013 6:29 PM
By: Christine VanTimmeren

The Greece woman accused of providing guns to William Spengler – the man who carried out the ambush in Webster on Christmas Eve – was in federal court Monday.

Nugyen is charged with making false and fictitious statements when she bought the guns back in 2010. She's also charged with selling the firearms to Spengler knowing he was a convicted felon and she is charged with possession of firearms while using marijuana.

In the courtroom Monday, there were officials from both the Webster and West Webster Fire Departments.

Webster Fire Department Chief Craig Akins said, “We are going to be supporting them through this whole process from start to end, making sure this person is prosecuted to the fullest extent so this won’t happen to another firefighter again.”

Nugyen’s attorney, Matt Parrinello said, “Our position is dawn is not guilty and maintains that and we're fairly confident going forward.”

Nugyen pleaded not guilty to all three charges. They all individually carry a maximum penalty of 10 years in prison.

She is due back in court on May 23.