Scholar Athletes of the Week 3/19: Michelle and Sheila Nesselbush

Posted at: 03/19/2013 3:49 PM
Updated at: 09/21/2013 11:51 AM
By: Robin De Wind

Penfield seniors Michelle and Sheila Nesselbush are close. Just because they are twins, Sheila Nesselbush is ranked second in her class and Michelle Nesselbush is fifth. They both say their older sister, who attends Harvard, is their motivation.

Michelle Nesselbush said, “We need to work hard as well. It pushes you to work hard. We make each other work harder in school.”

Both girls will have taken 10 APs by the end of this year. Math and science are their strengths, but both have very different study habits.

Sheila Nesselbush said, “She's a little less distracted than I am."

Michelle Nesselbush said, "We have different work habits.”

Both plan to purse engineering in college.

Michelle said, “We went to engineering camp."

Sheila said, "That was against our will.”

Sheila will attend Northwestern to play lacrosse. Michelle is still deciding.

Both girls have played lacrosse and basketball since a young age and have been on varsity since freshman year and both have been dual captains for each team. They have helped both teams through sectionals and states.

Sheila said, “I just love it. You can play offense or defense. I love it."

Michelle said, "I love it that we are competitive. It's a competitive sport and it appeals to us.”

They have been each others teammates and classmates for just about every subject. As for next year, it will be difficult.

Michelle said, “She refuses to lose in any competition. She will even cheat, she wants to win all the time.”

Sheila said, “I would say the same. She is the hardest working person. Always practicing, trying her hardest, she has a lot of heart.”