Mayor Richards to propose $1 million police substation inside Sibley building

Posted at: 03/19/2013 5:00 PM
Updated at: 03/19/2013 5:25 PM
By: Christine VanTimmeren

Mayor Tom Richards is making a $ 1 million proposal to City Council. He wants to create a Rochester Police Department substation on the first floor of the Sibley building on the North Clinton Avenue side.

Right now, there is already an RPD station less than a mile north of that on North Clinton just before Upper Falls Boulevard. So why does the city want to create another one using your taxpayer dollars?

Since the mayor is making this proposal, News10NBC wanted to find out why he thought this new substation was important, but he was not available Tuesday afternoon. However, News10NBC does have a copy of his legislation. It calls for 40 officers and RPD staff to be stationed at this new center city substation. A million dollar venture that City Council could vote on Tuesday night.

The proposed substation would be located on the North Clinton Avenue side of the Sibley building. Right now, it's an area where there's a lot of people loitering around and security guards admit this area is a problem.
But there is a police presence near the Sibley building. Officers and police cars are in that area most afternoons.

So is that million dollars of taxpayer money going to make this area safer and get rid of all the loiterers? News10NBC asked the question to the mother of an MCC student and to Rochester City Councilwoman Elaine Spaul.

Pauline Figurora, parent of MCC student, said, “I think there's enough presence as it is. There's a lot of things in Rochester that need attention and maybe that money could be put somewhere else.”

Elaine Spaull, City Councilwoman, said, “There were questions that were asked and I think people want to learn a little more about the terms of the lease and other particulars and if those are answered by the end of the day, although their could be some questions still tonight, I’m hopeful it will be passed.”

News10NBC found out that $1 million doesn't completely cover the cost. There's another $190,000 dollars also being taken from the city's budget.

News10NBC also talked with an employee at a convenience store around the corner, he said extra police presence always makes him feel safer. We also talked with the Sibley building manager off camera and he said with the new transit center being built around the corner and renovations being made to Midtown for Windstream, an extra police presence is absolutely going to be needed when those projects are complete.