Meggie's 9 month journey home

Posted at: 03/22/2013 10:09 PM
Updated at: 03/22/2013 11:30 PM

What if someone you love, or a pet you love went missing, and you didn't see them for nine months? Jennifer Lloyd and Connie Gates know exactly what that's like.

Their Sheltie Meggie, disappeared last July. They say she had been spotted all over the east side, as far away as Webster, but no one could catch her. As the two explain, it took a helpful homeowner, and a little work, to bring Meggie home.

“It's something I actually can't even get my mind around,” said Lloyd.

Gates and Lloyd say they didn't lose hope often, that Meggie would come home.

“We're pretty confident she would come back,” said Gates.

Back in July of last year, Meggie ran right out of their driveway in East Rochester. Gates and Lloyd think she didn't want to go for a walk with a dog-sitter. They say running away like that is something Meggie has never done before.

“We have since learned that its very common for Shelties to be spooky like that,” said Gates.

They say people living in Penfield spotted Meggie in their yard back in February. The homeowners had been putting food out for several weeks, and eventually spotted her on a camera. They built a gate that would drop down if Meggie came on the porch.

“We were hoping that this would work. that she would come, she would go on the porch far enough and he could push the button and the gate could come down and he could catch her,” said Gates.
This morning, Gates and Lloyd say they got a phone call, telling them their wish had come true.

“We've waited for so long for this and we weren't sure it, did actually work,” said Lloyd.

They say this couldn't have happened without all the help they've received.

“A lot of people have really been, they have dogs and they love their dogs, they think about their dog, and Meggie and stuff. She's gotta be a pretty famous dog around here,” said Gates.

Meggie did go to the vet this afternoon. They say she's in good shape.