Update: Woman moves to Rochester but lives in empty apartment when movers don't show

Posted at: 03/27/2013 11:16 AM
Updated at: 03/28/2013 12:09 PM
By: Berkeley Brean

More proof that our viewers and our stories make a difference in our community. Remember the young woman in her empty apartment? We have good news about her situation for you today.
We just got a call from Courtney Gill and she tells us the moving companies she hired called her to say they're refunding her hundreds of dollars. They also promised to deliver her belongings by tomorrow, or Saturday at the latest.

Wednesday night we told you that Gill drove all night from Indiana to Farmington because she says she was promised that the movers would be here at 9:30 Wednesday morning. She pointed to the hand written note on her contract that said "9:30 AM."

But then the movers called to say they wouldn't arrive until next week. April 4th to be exact. And on top of that, Gill said they charged her extra for certain items and for the weight of the truck. So that left Gill in an empty apartment.

"It's just empty and echoing and I don't know, I thought I'd be unpacking all day and getting everything organized and put in its place," Gill told us Wednesday. "Instead I'm just hanging out in my empty apartment with my dog just wandering around."

When we talked to Gill today she said the moving companies involved are going to waive some of the fees, refund some of her money and get the moving truck here either tomorrow or Saturday.

Ray Levato is talking to Courtney this afternoon.

We are also talking with the movers. They want to reiterate that they never guarantee arrival times.

Here is Wednesday's story

A woman has moved all the way from Indiana to Farmington, but just about everything she owns is locked up in a moving truck hundreds of miles away.

The Better Business Bureau likes to call her a moving hostage and they say it happens way too much. So News10NBC wanted to try to help her and keep it from happening to you.

Courtney Gill pulled an all-nighter from Indiana to get to her new apartment in Farmington. She says she was promised, in writing, that the moving truck would be here Wednesday morning. But on no sleep with no possessions, she got a call from her movers. They're not going to be here for another week.

Except for a TV and her dog, all Courtney Gill has is an empty apartment. Even though she says she got a verbal and written guarantee that the movers would get here at 9:30a.m.  They're not coming for another week. She called the movers and she said they told her.

Gill said, “Well, your stuff is in another state. What are you going to do?”

Gill hired First call Movers, who then contracted with Econo Van Lines. They told News10NBC they could not legally drive from Indiana to New York in one day and the standard contract gives them 14 to 21 days to deliver.

So where is the moving truck right now?  The movers told Gill it is in Maryland.

The movers could not make the Indiana to New York trip, but they could go from Indiana to Maryland. Econo Van confirmed the truck is in Rockville, Maryland, which also happens to be where the company is located. The Better Business Bureau calls this a moving hostage situation.

Peggy Penders, Better Business Bureau, said, “It's unfortunately not an uncommon complaint the Better Business Bureau sees.”

Gill said, “I trusted them. And I wish I had done more research on my own and figured out a better company to go with or done the option of doing it myself.”

News10NBC called both moving companies Wednesday. They both said that they never guarantee an arrival time especially overnight. But they couldn't explain the handwritten 9:30a.m. guarantee on Courtney Gill's contract and they also couldn't explain how the truck could get from Indiana to Maryland but not Indiana to New York.

How can you protect yourself from having this happen? Do your homework.
Courtney says she saw some bad reviews on the companies but now wishes she did more digging.  

News10NBC searched Econo Van and First Call Movers on with Better Business Bureau. Econo Van has a B-grade. First Movers has a  C- with 43 complaints in the last 3 years.