Rochester Police address violence on city's west side

Posted at: 03/27/2013 11:39 PM
By: Don Hudson

Three nights, four shootings, one area of Rochester.

Tuesday night News10NBC told you about the latest shooting incident that happened on Salina Street. Police say the victim, Vernon Cleveland, was hospitalized and is in guarded condition.

Over the weekend there were two other shooting incidents on Depew Sreet, just one street over from Salina. One of those shootings was fatal.

On Wednesday Rochester Police Chief James Sheppard spoke out about all of this and what police are doing to protect people and what they need to find suspects. 

"We've talked to the neighbors, people who live in the area. A lot of people are fearful,” said Chief Sheppard.

After three violent incidents it's easy to understand why. That's why police say they are stepping up their presence in the area.

“We will be in the area until we get some normalcy relative to these events,” Chief Sheppard said.

He wanted everyone to know, while no one is in custody, they believe they know at least one shooter.

"We have a suspect in homicide, a known suspect, that we are aggressively trying to pursue,” said Chief Sheppard.

Unfortunately, this is not the first time shots have rung out in this part of town and not the first time police have had to focus on the area.

"We have expended a tremendous amount of effort in that area over the last three months,” said Chief Sheppard.

Those efforts led to 43 arrests. But on Wednesday Chief Sheppard said they need to make a few more and he says police are going to need someone to step forward with information.

"For us to shut this down we need the communities help,” he said.

Police say they have not connected all the shootings, but they believe that most likely is the case and also that they are gang related.

News10NBC will continue to stay on top of these shootings and bring you any news of arrests as soon as they happen.