Update: Movers to deliver Farmington woman's belongings Saturday

Posted at: 03/28/2013 5:25 PM
By: Ray Levato

After a News10NBC report we did Wednesday, a young lady is getting action and her apartment won't be empty for long.

A Farmington woman, who thought she was out of thousands of dollars after hiring a moving company, can now expect that moving truck and a check within the next few days.

Courtney Gill moved from from Indiana to Rochester to start a new job and she hired a moving van to bring her things here.
She says she had a handwritten promise guaranteeing her items would arrive the next day. But when she called, they said it would be more than a week.
But after News10NBC called the company, it is now offering her a partial refund.

When we first met Courtney Gill, she had only been in our area for a few hours after driving all night from Indiana to meet the moving truck. She arrived here at 7:00 a.m. and when her furniture didn't arrive at 9:30 as she expected, she got on the phone to her mother in Indiana, who got on the phone to us. And we took it from there.

Standing in her still empty apartment, Courtney Gill seemed ecstatic that her three rooms of furniture should be arriving by Saturday morning. She said she got a call from the moving company and was told they want to make it up to her.

Courtney Gill said, “I'm overjoyed and so happy. To be honest, just having somebody stand up to them, I think in the past, I think they did this to other people and people say, 'Okay, here's your money,' or 'I have to wait and have no options'. I think the pressure from you and myself and my family and everyone else just kind of told them they can't do this.”

The moving company in Maryland claims a driver told her that her belongings would be there the next morning. Courtney says it was a manager she spoke with in Maryland. When we asked the owner for his advice to someone looking to hire a mover, he seemed to explain his own company's eagerness to get Courtney’s business.

Dinko Zhelyazkov, Econo Van Lines, said, "I think the worst thing is there are too many moving companies out there. Everybody is fighting to get more customers, to have enough jobs, and they promise things they can't do."

Gill said, “I may have to wait a couple days but what I’m excited about is actually getting my stuff and being able to move in.”

But Gill said she did learn something from this.

Gill said, “Just doing your research before you hire anyone to do anything. And make sure everything is in writing legally, not handwritten in. Everything has to be typed up from the company on their letterhead, and don't sign anything until it's exactly how you want it to be. Once everything is here it's going to be perfect.”

News10NBC tracked the moving van and it went from Indiana to Maryland instead of New York. The moving company says they pick up other jobs along the way. The company says the contract gave them the option to deliver the furniture anywhere from one to 14 days.
As for Courtney, she slept on an air mattress from a neighbor who heard about her plight hrough her apartment complex. She'll let us know when her furniture arrives.