I-Team 10 Follow Up: Inmate's cold case claims

Posted at: 03/28/2013 5:38 PM
Updated at: 03/28/2013 8:56 PM
By: Brett Davidsen

News10NBC has new details about a prison inmate from Rochester who claims he has first-hand information about more than a dozen unsolved murders.  I-Team 10 has learned that Edward Laraby has provided details to Canadian Police about a handful of those cases.

Edward Laraby is terminally ill and serving a life sentence for sexual abuse and attempted murder. He's also awaiting trial for the 1991 murder of a Greece music teacher. During I-Team 10's interview with him, he talked about murders he committed in Canada as well.  Now authorities there are taking a serious look at those claims.

When I-Team10's Brett Davidsen sat down with Edward Laraby at Wende Correctional Facility in January, he spoke of killing in a casual way.

Edward Laraby said, "Because of their lifestyle and their choices, they were marked forwrongful ending anyway. I just expedited it."

Now he is willing to offer detailed information about those killings for a price. Terminally ill and suffering from Lou Gehrig's disease, Laraby knows his remaining days are few. So he's been trying to play let's make a deal.

Edward Laraby said,  "You know how the world works. You get something, you give something. You get nothing, you give nothing. That's not my rule. That's the rule of the world."

The deal-making started last summer when he offered to provide a statement incriminating himself in the 1991 murder of Stephanie Kupchynsky of Greece. In return, police agreed, upon his death, to pay for a private burial away from prison property. Indicted for the crime, he's awaiting trial for Kupchynsky's death.

Now it appears Laraby has also made a deal with Canadian authorities, giving them information about four homicides in the province of Ontario.

Sandra Doorley, Monroe County District Attorney, said, "I do believe he provided them some information and they were following up on those leads. That's all I know. I know the authorities are in direct contact with his attorney."
Brett Davidsen said, “Do you know if it was credible or detailed information?
Doorley said, "I believe it led them to a certain location."

During I-Team10's interview, Laraby told me he sexually assaulted and then killed women in Toronto, Sault Ste Marie, Thunder Bay and Kenora while on the lam from Rochester Police in the early 1980's.
Laraby said,  "When I was traveling, heading west, every city I came to,  I did a wrongful thing."

A spokesperson for the Ontario Provincial Police declined to comment on what details Laraby provided. But in exchange for his information, Laraby's attorney confirms the agency has agreed to pay for Laraby's engraved headstone.

According to Laraby, there are several more unsolved murder cases he can help police solve in the Rochester area. In return for that information, he has yet another demand. He wants to be released from prison to a private medical facility to live out his remaining days and made the offer in a letter to the governor and the commissioner of state corrections. District attorney Sandra Doorley says despite Laraby's deteriorating physical condition, she believes he is still a danger.

Doorley said, "At this point, I would strongly recommend he not be released from any correctional facility."

The commissioner of corrections has responded to Laraby's letter. He shot down the idea of allowing Laraby to be released to a private facility. However, he did leave the door open to further discussion, saying any accommodation the state would be willing to consider could only occur after Laraby provided proof regarding the cold cases.