McQuaid Jesuit High School addresses prom date concerns

Posted at: 03/28/2013 6:04 PM
By: Joangel Concepcion

Rights for same sex couples has been a topic at the Supreme Court, but it's also hitting closer to home for some high school students.

Parents received letters from McQuaid Jesuit High School officials after a homosexual student recently went on a radio program claiming the school will not allow him to take a male date to the junior prom.

News10NBC has been keeping an eye on this story for quite some time-after we got word that the school would not allow two homosexual students to attend the prom later next month, but now school officials have released a letter and they want to clear up what they are calling "darkness and heavy clouds" at McQuaid High School due to misinformation and fear.

President of the school, Fr. Edward Salmon, sent a letter to parents Wednesday.  In it he says,"I have made the decision that if our two brothers who have asked to attend the junior ball together wish to do so, they will be welcomed."
He says, “It is also important to recognize that neither a homosexual orientation, nor a heterosexual one, leads inevitably to sexual activity. One's total person-hood is not reducible to sexual orientation or behavior.  Respect for the god-given dignity of all persons means the recognition of human rights and responsibilities."
He went on to say, "It is not sufficient only to avoid unjust discrimination. Homosexual persons 'must be accepted with respect, compassion and sensitivity. With this decision, I am not contradicting the teachings of the Roman Catholic Church with regard to human sexuality; I am not encouraging nor am I condoning homosexual activity just as I do not encourage or condone heterosexual activity at a dance. I am not contradicting the church's opposition to the redefinition of marriage.”

The school is closed Thursday because of Holy Thursday, but News10NBC managed to speak to several parents over the phone who belong to the McQuaid Parents' Association. One parent said they are thrilled officials made the decision to write this letter. Another said they hope that issues involving homosexuality like this won't be news one day.