Middle school principal charged with forcible touching appears in court

Posted at: 04/01/2013 6:40 AM
Updated at: 04/01/2013 9:33 PM

Dozens of friends and co-workers showed up at court in support of a middle school principal, accused of inappropriately touching a woman.

The principal's name is Carmine Calabria. Right now, he's on administrative leave from his job with the Geneva City School District. He was arrested last week, and charged with forcible touching.

Calabria is a familiar face in the Geneva community. Not only is he a middle school principal, but also a father of two teenagers.

His friends and supporters came to court Monday.

Jon George, a friend of Calabria's, said, “We're here to support Carmine and make sure whatever decision is fair. If indeed something occurred that was off color, we all understand consequences should be paid. We don't want it to get out of hand.”

According to court paperwork, on March 16 while celebrating St. Patrick's Day, Calabria went to Dana’s Timeout Bar and Restaurant in Geneva.  Police say, while at the bar, he grabbed a woman's private area and made other inappropriate sexual gestures towards her.
Calabria's attorney says his client doesn't even know the woman making the accusations. Calabria pleaded not guilty Monday.

And in court, the judge announced that he will not be hearing this case.

Sal Piemonte, defense attorney, said, “The judge who was sitting today has decided today he can not continue to hear this case based on his knowledge of certain parties in the proceedings.”

The case has been reassigned to a different judge and Calabria is expected back in court April 18.