Casino in Gates?

Posted at: 04/02/2013 5:07 PM
Updated at: 04/02/2013 5:37 PM
By: Amanda Ciavarri

There is new talk about a casino in the Rochester area, specifically in Gates and it is creating quite the conversation on Facebook. Some say they would definitely go, but others are afraid it would bring crime to the area.

The town of Gates wants to build the casino on land that is empty right now in Rochester Tech Park, next to Route 531. The casino would be totally paid for by the Seneca Indian Nation and would not be paid for by taxpayer dollars.

News10NBC spoke with the Gates Town Supervisor Mark Assini Tuesday and he said this has been an ongoing conversation for about two years. But, this week, the town submitted a proposal to the Senecas, hoping they'll choose Rochester Tech Park for their new casino. The benefits would be lower taxes and new jobs.

Mark Assini, Gates Town Supervisor, said, “A casino in the town of gates, at the Rochester Tech Park, would bring several hundred jobs. And that is the key to why I am pursuing this. The jobs it would create which we desperately need. It would also be something that would bring tax revenue to the town of Gates.”

Gates Town Supervisor Mark Assini says those are the biggest benefits of transforming this empty space.

Assini said, “It is in the center of Monroe County, with its own exit ramp right off the express ways.”

But there are concerns that the proposed casino could turn into a situation that's happened in Niagara Falls. where the Seneca Niagara Casino didn't bring the economic growth the Senecas promised.

Larry Romanowski, for Gates casino, said, “The beauty of the tech park is that we are not looking for growth based on a casino we are looking for the jobs associated with the casino and any ancillary jobs that would go into restaurants or maybe a hotel right in that area where the casino is. The development of the town will stand on its own and we realize that.”

Jerry Romanowski said, “I think it is wonderful I really do. I think it is wonderful for this area, hopefully lower our taxes which is a good thing, and bring some excitement to the area.”

The empty land in Gates offers 25 acres of green space which is larger than the area the Seneca Niagara Casino is on in Niagara Falls.

The Senecas first need to decide if they want to build a casino at the Rochester Tech Park. They are looking at other places. Plan for the casino would then be drawn up and we would get a better timeline of when we could possibly see it coming here.